Suheir Hammad ~ poetry of war, peace, women and power (Friday Slam #5)

A Poet of startling depth, passion and bravery, Suheir Hammad integrates the stories and sounds of her Palestine-American heritage with the spirited voice of Brooklyn.

An original writer and performer in the Tony Award winning Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway, she is also the author of breaking poems and Zaatar Diva. While much of her work has been anthologized and adapted for the theater, Suheir has also spread her wings into the film world with a starring role in the 2008 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection, Salt Of This Sea.

Want to hear to some truly great poetry?  Just press play…

Friday Slam #4 ~ Johnny Depp as Jack Kerouac

I was originally looking for something on Jack Kerouac when I came across this sparkling bit of footage – Johnny Depp as Jack Kerouac reading Mexico City Blues in PBS’ 1995 TV documentary, The United States Of Poetry. Yeah, that’s cool…

Friday Slam #3 Alicia Keys ~ ‘POW’

This week’s slam comes from Def Poetry Jam and features the Grammy award winning R&B singer and musician Alicia Keys as she embraces the stage with a powerful performance -  reciting ‘POW’, from her book of poems, “Tears For Water”.