10 Essential Blogs For Writers

Sometimes we all need a bit of a break from whatever writing project we’ve been working on. Especially on those days when we’ve hit that proverbial wall and inspiration is nowhere to be found. And sometimes, whether you’re a newbie writer or even a more seasoned pro, you need more than a break, you need a revived and fresh perspective.

When I first started exploring my options as an indie writer, I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed a lot of the time by the enormity of all of the conflicting information that I was being confronted with.

Nevertheless, I eventually found my way out of the maze and found a number of excellent and reliable sources to help me along my writing and publishing journey. Here are 10 of my current favorite writer’s resources. You can find the links  to connect directly to this talented and inspiring group of writing and publishing professionals directly below the pic gallery!

From left to right:

1. Rachelle Gardner- Literary Agent

2. StoryFix

3. The Hack Novelist

4. J.A. Konrath

5. Jeff Goins – Writer

6. Chazz Writes

7. Carly Watters – Literary Agent

8. The Artist’s Road

9. Anne R. Allen

10. Lee Goldberg – A Writer’s Life

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  1. Thanks so much for including me in such a fabulous list. These are all great bloggers!

    • You’re very welcome and thanks so much for all the terrific and relevant information you provide to writers! :)

  2. Really enjoyed this post and all the wonderful links….saved them so can puruse them at leisure. Thank you for sharing!! :)

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