Catching Up

I haven’t been blogging or spending much time on social media lately – with good reason. I’ve been busy writing!

More specifically, I’ve been spending every spare moment that I can find making some major changes to a romantic novella that I started working on a couple of weeks after ‘Lonely Girl went live on Amazon. (And yes, the details on the CreateSpace print version have finally been sorted out – I was so excited when the paperback copies arrived at the door yesterday!)

I’ve also been taking a bit of time to enjoy the beautiful summer weather we’ve been experiencing here in Toronto. I’ve been walking more and have resumed a regular yoga practice – I’m so glad as it’s come to my attention recently that there’s just a (ahem) tiny bit more of me than I would actually care for squeezing into my favorite yoga pants lately!

I’ve also been playing with my camera and taking a few pictures here and there around the city. Perhaps I’ll be brave enough to post some of them on upcoming blog posts. Regardless, I don’t think Annie Leibovitz or Jay Maisel have anything to worry about just yet!

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  1. Write! Write! Write! A novella on the way! Congratulations!!! Not to sound corny but you have to strike the iron while it`s hot. Write! Write! Write!

      • it was just an immediate reaction to `I haven`t been blogging lately`. i don`t think when I comment, a habit I picked up from improvising while I write. I try to illuminate the thinking bit… I`m just happy you are writing.

      • by the by I meant to write eliminate the thinking bit …and thanks … And I do like illuminate the thinking bit…they both work I guess.

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